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All Results Database .... Results will be posted to our Easter Festival database as soon as practical after each event. 
We will post PDF versions (below) that are more suitable for download / printing but there will be some delay before these are updated.   

Please use the EASTER RESULTS DATABASE for most result enquiries.
Friday Full Results [PDF] 1.Individual-Men
Saturday Full Results [PDF] 1.Individual-Men
3.Individual Cumulative-Men
4.Individual Cumulative-Women
6.Team Cumulative-Men
8.Team Cumulative-Women
Sunday Full Results [PDF] 1.Men's Relay Individual Leg Results
2.Men's Relay Team Results
3.Women's Individual Results
4.Men's Team Results
5.Women's Team Results
Overall Results [PDF] 1.Men's Individual Cumulative Results
2.Women's Individual Cumulative Results
3.Men's Team Results

4.Women's Team Results